Stop TPG installing Mobile Phone infrastructure before it's too late

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Stop TPG installing a Mobile Phone base near our homes.

TPG propose to install Mobile Phone Infrastructure (antennas and equipment) on an electricity pole on Cannes Ave adjacent to 74 Riviera Road, Avondale Heights VIC 3034. 

  1. Residents object outright having any exposure from radiofrequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) from a mobile phone base NO MATTER what the exposure level.
  2. It is surrounded by double story homes where RF EME exposure can be greater. 
  3. A mobile base built next to a public park reserve is inappropriate.  Cannes Ave Reserve is a public reserve used by children and adults of all ages from the local area. This proximity to a community sensitive location is not acceptable.
  4. This is a pristine residential area and any mobile phone telecommunications infrastructure is inconsistent with the area and can have a negative visual impact on the surrounding area NO MATTER the size of the antenna and equipment.
  5. Only a very small number of properties in the area were notified of TPG's proposal. 

Please help. TPG are only accepting comments and submissions on the proposal until 5pm the 12th September 2018

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