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Stop TLC’s Show "Toddlers & Tiaras" From Airing on TLC's Program Line-up Immediately & Permanently

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UPDATE:  8.20.12 ~ Child Abuse Charges have been filed against the parents of these children! Please help re-open the petition!  Nancy Grace has just aired her show in support of this terrible behavior by the parents of these children.


The Learning Channel & Discovery Communications and its properties are predominant places to find informative television programming that leads to learning and discovery, exploration of family & parenting, home projects, cooking, science, history, and much more. It is a destination for men, women and children of all ages to learn, explore & discover – according to the network’s description of the channels.

According to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, The Learning Channel reaches a subscriber audience of over 100 million viewers and is amongst the top 10 cable programming networks.

Sadly, the show "Toddlers & Tiaras" has quickly hit the air waves, and has gained a significant viewer following. The show depicts mothers and fathers on the quest of exploiting their toddlers from as young as 16 months of age in regional pageant shows for fame, money, crowns and Reality TV.

This is an explicit tale of how TLC and Discovery Communications are virally promoting in our society and our families, on their cable channels as well as on their websites – a show that crosses the line of child abuse and sexual exploitation of infant children.

The parents of the show “Toddlers & Tiaras” are caught on camera holding down their infants forcefully in order to alter their appearance and dress them in preparation for pageants. The toddlers on this show are forced to wear dentures, hair extensions and wigs – regardless of the child’s complaints and terrifying protests through tears and screams. These infants are given “special juice” cocktails prepared by their parents of Red Bull, apple juice & cola so they can “perform” on stage instead of taking naps and drinking milk. These children have been forced and given treatments of injection face fillers, hair removal, along with countless hours of make-up applications. These infants are doused in spray tan chemicals on camera and are dressed up with prosthetic breast implants in costumes that are obscene and revealing to perform “sexy walks” for the pageant runways. These toddlers are trained for hours by their parents to walk and smile “sexy” for the cameras and pageant judges.

This show is fueling pedophile tendencies in the home and across the internet. It is child pornography at its worst, condoned and aired on a top national cable programming network. This exploitation of children must be stopped.

The parents of the “Toddlers & Tiaras” children are also caught on camera with countless questionable & abusive behaviors that are harming the welfare and best interest of these children, not to mention the deterioration of moral fiber that TLC viewers are being exposed to.

This is parenting at its worst, and it is human trafficking through reality television.

This petition is a formal plea to mothers, fathers, families, politicians, social workers, educators, newscasters, TV executives and social media marketers to aid in the quest to ban this show from the cable network airways for the protection and welfare of all children & families.

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