Stop This 'poisonous' discriminatory curriculum in our secondary school

Stop This 'poisonous' discriminatory curriculum in our secondary school

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 A copy of the Federal Ministry of education 9 year basic education curriculum on "Religion and National Values" book.

The book was a product of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council ( NERDC), a parastatal, under the Ministry of Education.

The issues with the curriculum

1. On pages 17 and 46 of the "Religion and National Values" curriculum for Primary one to three (Primary 1-3) are statements that are not only inciting but derogatory to a particular religious belief and faith ( Christianity).


a) On page 17 under Theme Islamic studies and Sub theme Sarah and Tahdib
Primary 1 to 3 pupils in their formative years are taught
the Supremacy of Prophet Mohammed and the Quran over all others.
That Mohammed was the seal of all the Prophets, sent to the whole world and Quran the final guidance of Allah to mankind.

b) In page 46 of the same book produced with tax payers money who include Muslims and non Muslims

Prophet Isa known to Christians as Jesus Christ is not the son of God
That Jesus was not crucified.
What a blasphemy.

The implications are the creation of a sense of supremacy of Islam over other faiths and completely denigrating Christianity.

If this has been restricted to Muslims alone, that could have been excused, but putting it in a curriculum for all is provocative and insulting.

The Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship took this matter up with the current executive director of NERDC and his team in Abuja and I was was a member of the NCGF team.
His response

1. The two subjects are to be taught separately. A Muslim will take Islamic study and a Christian pupil CRK.


Theoretically, this is true, but in actual practice, this is not the truth.
We gave examples of several states in the North where the state governments refused to employ CRK teachers including Niger state where CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) even offered to send volunteer CRK teachers and the government still refused.

As the subject is compulsory for the students, the Christian students in those states are forced to listen to such negative teachings at such a tender, highly impressible age.


Parents of such Christian students should take the government to court.

We replied that it was ridiculous as it is the duty of the state to ensure fundamental rights of the citizens which include freedom of association and religion.
We also informed him of the slow process of the Nigerian judicial matters.

Our recommendations

1. The offending statements should be expunged from the curriculum.

2. If the state governments can not provide adequate teachers for the 2 subjects, then the 2 subjects should not be compulsory at all.

Thank you once again for your interest.
We have also included other relevant information we have on this subject matter.

With my best regards
Prof Charles Adeyinka Adisa. MD, FWACS, FACS.

President, Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship.


Thank you Fergy, for sharing this highly enlightening post on the attempts of the Islamic community and their zealots to set fire to the hearts of our young, easy to impress children. The plot of the Muslim community speaks for itself and is shamelessly deplorable: to plant disrespect and CONTEMPT for Christ in the hearts of our impressionable infants by painting Christ as an inferior spiritual being to their Mohammed. And to in the process set on fire the hearts of the Christian community in Nigeria. We are still recovering from the scourge of Boko Haram. We are presently neck-deep in the raping, killing adventures of Islamic terrorist herdsmen. Yet here they come with a new calamity: Educational Curricular Terrorism (ECT) by the elite front of Boko Haram who find themselves in academic authority. In this front, they are using Islamic Jihad agents in the Muslim designed and dominated Nigerian Educational Research & Development Council (NERDC). Shall their appetites for crises have no end? When shall Muslims' warehouse of conflict and crises and the thirst for conflagration end? I mean, those among them who are guilty and hate peaceful coexistence?

As for the by-standing Christian, don't bother to go to church this or any other Sunday. Don't bother to pay tithes and offerings, do your baby dedications and other ceremonies of your Christian faith, if you don't share this eye-opening post by Prof. Charles Adeyinka and the Nigerian Christian Graduate Fellowship to ALL contacts in your social platforms, ALL members of your church and other organizations. It will all be a waste of ceremony and faith without works, if you are too ashamed, afraid or too comfortable & busy to defend Christ. Especially in these perilous times. (Luke 9:26, Mark 8:38).

457 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!