Stop the Warehousing of Homeless People in NYC Hotels | Establish Affordable Housing NOW!

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Vulnerable homeless people and communities of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in New York City are casualties of:

The Mayor and the Department of Homeless Services are proposing a 3rd homeless shelter (52-34 Van Dam Street, Blissville LIC, NY 11101) that would house approximately 350 Homeless Adults in the tiny, isolated and NEGLECTED working-class community of Blissville which is located in the town of Long Island City.

Blissville is home to approximately 450 residents: nearly 110 are children. It is also zoned as an industrial/commercial area and is surrounded by warehouses, factories, auto body shops, waste stations, recycling centers, scrap metal yards, a cemetery, freight rail yards, ***NEWTOWN CREEK*** and a correctional facility all no more than a 0.5-mile radius. The Blissville community is already doing their Fair Share with 2 homeless shelters within a 0.3-mile radius. To say that the addition of a third "hotel-to-shelter" facility would change the character of the Blissville neighborhood would be a stark understatement. A 3rd hotel-to-shelter facility would:

  • DOUBLE the Blissville Population
  • Cost the City an exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars for Sanitation Disposal, Law Enforcement, Environmental, Traffic, Security and Safety concerns for the vulnerable homeless adults, the residents of Blissville as well as neighboring communities

Although District 26 was blindsided by DHS's implementation of a 2nd hotel-turned-shelter, Blissville accepted their Fair Share of 54 families who were initially housed in the City View Hotel only to be ousted in a last-minute decision and replaced with 100 Single men overnight by DHS. Furthermore, Blissville residents choose to live here in spite of the more than half-mile distance to basic facilities, the environmental challenges, and neglect from the City. The vulnerable homeless families and individuals don't get to choose their home yet the City chooses to warehouse them in a neighborhood of warehouses and dump them in a neighborhood that has been dumped on for decades. 

In conclusion, we stand in agreement with our District 26 Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer: “This is not about demonizing the homeless,” Van Bramer said. “This is about the administration having little to no solution and therefore choosing hotels in Long Island City and Blissville. We are doing more than our fair share.”








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