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Stop the violence against Paramahamsa Nithyananda and his followers

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In violation of basic human rights, there have been serious assaults and violence by forces related to Suvarna TV channel on the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, leading to the immediate hospitalization of a brahmachari and multiple injuries to many other ashramites and devotees. So far instead of taking any action against these elements, the police went ahead and arrested about 16 ashramites and volunteers without giving any reason or showing any arrest warrants.

 On 7th June 2012 in a press meet addressed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, 20 individuals from the Kannada channel Suvarna led by Suvarna bureau in chief H. Ajit tried to illegally serve a summons to Nithyananda. A few hours later, Suvarna channel’s OB van arrived at around 6 pm at the ashram gates, along with about 50 individuals armed with weapons, calling themselves the ‘Karnataka Navanirmana Sena’, who began raising slogans against Paramahamsa Nithyananda. About 10 of the thugs scaled the locked gates of the ashram, entered the premises illegally and first assaulted the brahmachari handling the ashram camera, and damaged it to ensure that no video recording could take place. They then pushed the ashram administrator Sri Atmaprabhananda to the ground and assaulted him with a huge stone, causing severe head injuries and profuse bleeding (see photo). He had to be hospitalised immediately. The other ashramites who rushed to their aid were also manhandled and abused, including women ashramites. The Bidadi police who arrived on the spot took no action even as the ashramites were facing life threats. NO arrests were made by the police.

On 8th June, in a press meet addressed by the ashramites of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, a few people from Suvarna channel started abusing the ashramites barely 15-20mins after the meeting stared and started committing acts of violence in the hall itself, picking up metal stands and waving them at people. They were violent to everyone in the hall and had to be pushed out of the hall for security reasons. At the main gate some rowdies were ready to attack the ashramites and had caused some damage to the ashram property already. They had to be controlled by the police who had been called in the meantime, and had to be pushed outside the gate.

A few hours later, the police arrived at the ashram and arrested about 16 ashramites and volunteers without giving any reason or showing any arrest warrants. Amongst those arrested were some sannyasinis also. An FIR was also filed against eight ashramites on completely false grounds of violence (See youtube videos, where none of the ashramites or volunteers has been violent, and all have been under attack by Suvarna channel rowdies).

This lawlessness needs to stop. We are appealing to the Govt of India on humanitarian grounds since so far there has been no legal action against those who caused the violence or Suvarna channel itself. We seek justice for all the property damage and injuries caused to innocent people in the ashram.

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