STOP the Vehicle Access Ban-Restrictions September 2017 Woodcote Primary School Coulsdon

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12th July, 2017

We, the parents, care-givers of 690 children attending Woodcote Primary School, and other concerned local residents, demand fair, unbiased and all-inclusive consultation regarding the dramatic parking changes and penalties that are being introduced for the new school term beginning 4th September 2017.

This proposal was only discussed with the school and local councillors. The majority of the law-abiding drivers, parents/guardians/carers who do use Meadow and Dunsfold Rise were completely side-lined. There has been no clear or open communication from the school or council with the families attending WPS regarding this change. So therefore, we the parents, guardians, carers of children attending Woodcote Primary School are affected by these plans and are rejecting them until we are consulted and given the opportunity to discuss 'other reasonable options'.

To suddenly impose this extreme measure of refusing non-permit vehicles to enter Dunsfold and Meadow Rise between the prescribed hours by the council and school will have a sweeping affect (even on a testing ground) for the health and safety of our young children walking, crossing a very busy main road. This mere transfer of the current parking 'complaints' to the wider local residents and the main road (A237) users is totally unacceptable.
The changes are said to largely help and resolve the current residents’ complaints but in fact it does completely the opposite. This will place a band aid on the problems and push the traffic to surrounding roads, already in excess of overstays and limited exits as they are cul-de-sac roads. It is a huge safety hazard.

The council and school have pushed 'vulnerable road users' which under the TFL Vulnerable Road Users Working Paper ( attached); based on their age, location and time of day, Quadrant 3.3, the children are in the 'risk' group; who will be in the remit of narrow walking pathways and a crossing adjoining Smitham Bottom Lane. This is very dangerous road, as fast cars approaching the traffic light system will not allow sufficient crossing time; accidents are waiting to happen. Will the council cater for those with disabilities to walk such length, allowing for disabled parking spaces outside the school? Will the school cater for late arrivals and collections due to the increased traffic? These issues have not been addressed with us, the road users and residents. If the above issues were indeed looked into prior to this pilot being implemented, we demand to see evidence of this.

Woodcote School is not subject to a catchment area, therefore has an influx of students who are traveling from Wallington, Kenley, Croydon and Purely, if not further. The demographics of this area does not offer fast, easily accessible public transport or ample safe walking/cycling environment. Therefore parents NEED to use cars as a mode of transport. The restrictions push road users out further afield which will have an negative impact on those who have onward journeys to work. They now cannot reach their required destinations on time. Possibly causing a financial burden upon them as their employers are possibly unlikely to accommodate these changes.
This is a school which will be increasing its intake from 690 to 840 pupils in the next few years. We strongly believe that all parents, guardians, children and residents of Woodcote Community will suffer in one way or the other from this change.

We also believe that this change will create a very selfish image of the school; of a very ill thought-out plan to new entrants, current school attendees and the wider area local residents and of course current (A237) road users. We demand an urgent review inclusive of us the parents/guardians/residents of WPS.

The letter penned by the governors of the school, says the school did not ask for this pilot scheme, having not objected they are by default in favour.

So I urge the parents, carers and residents who are not in favour of the scheme, to ask the council to immediately halt these plans. The council must speak to the stakeholders first and we believe there are other ideas which have not been trialled, with no success or failure, to suggest this pilot has to be perfect route to success. Which it is not.

Thank you

You can do this by emailing, demonstrating and writing to your Cllrs and MPs.

Decision maker : Cllr Stuart King, Traffic Management Advisory Committee (Chair)


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