Stop The Use Of RoundUp In Woodridge!

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Dear leaders and elected officials of Woodridge,

Our grassroots group known as Non Toxic Woodridge is calling for our village to immediately stop the use of Monsanto's RoundUp weed-killer.

“We” the families of Woodridge, Illinois respectfully ask that you put into place immediately the cease and desist of RoundUp being sprayed at Woodridge playgrounds where children are present daily, as well as throughout our entire village.

This is not a new issue for families- more and more parks and schools are taking steps to rid the use of RoundUp being used at their facilities across the United States.

Please join this policy and continue to steer Woodridge in the right direction for our children.

Last summer we asked the Woodridge Park District if we are using this toxic chemical in our village; the response seemed to be in direct contradiction with "going green" and only using environmentally-friendly products:

"The Woodridge Park District occasionally uses RoundUp to control weeds in playgrounds in addition to other means such as physically pulling and rotovating, which is not always feasible.

As new products come to the market the District tests them at park sites to determine their effectiveness, our staff has not found the other products to be as effective as RoundUp in effectively managing weeds in these areas.

This year we will be evaluating Phydura, which is an all-natural and organic weed killer.

The Park District will continue to strive to provide the safest and most cost effective measures to ensure the safety of our parks."

Christopher Pollack
Natural Resource Manager
Woodridge Park District

We seem to be moving forward, as Phydura is a great alternative.

To the Woodridge Park District staff and to our well-respected mayor and council members, if you are serious about trying to provide the safest measures to ensure the safety of our parks and playgrounds, PLEASE STOP SPRAYING ROUNDUP IN OUR COMMUNITY!

Our children are more important than weeds at playgrounds or dandelions in a field.

We believe that Woodridge citizens as well as Woodridge officials can all agree that our kids, our pets, our mental and physical health, our wildlife and wild plants, and our environment are more important than some weeds.

According to their website, Goal #8 says: "The Woodridge Park District will actively promote and implement strategies and actions to improve environmental quality and achieve sustainable results."

Let's get that done, Woodridge! 

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