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Stop the use of inhumane steel leg hold traps and killing of Urban Coyotes and all animals in Texas Immediately!


Leg hold traps are cruel and inhumane. Animals that get caught in leg hold taps can suffer for days. Animals have been known to chew their leg off to try to get free from the trap. Oftentimes the victims suffer severe physical injury, psychological trauma, thirst, hypothermia, and predation. 

Steel  leghold traps- nasty, cruel mechanical devices, designed to grasp an animal by the leg using spring-operated metal jaws. In their desperation to escape the pain and terror of being trapped, the captured animal will sometimes bite off the limb that has been caught. They catch unintended animals, including birds, domestic pets and animals of rare species.

About 100 countries excluding most of the United States, eight states have banned steel leghold traps - have so far banned the use of leghold traps on the grounds that they are inhumane and indiscriminate. Britain was one of the first countries to outlaw them in the 1950's and the European Union banned steel-jaw leghold traps in 1995.

There is ample scientific evidence to show that even if an innocent animal survives the trapping, it often ends up with damaged tendons or ligaments in its efforts to escape. Trapped animals still suffer from torsion injuries, fractures, soft tissue damage and other limb injuries. Innocent animals caught by mistake often have to be euthanised as a result. 

In 1996, a national poll commissioned by the Animal Welfare Institute showed 74% of Americans opposed the use of leghold traps. The American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, the World Veterinary Association, and the National Animal Control Association have all deemed the leghold trap to be inhumane.


Letter to
Texas State Senator Kirk Watson
Humane Society of Texas Director Katie Jarl
Texas Parks and Wildlife Carter Smith
and 7 others
Texas Wildlife Services Michael Bodenchuk
Director Austin Parks and Recreation Sara Hensley
House District 51, Austin,Texas Eddie Rodriguez
Texas Parks and Wildlife Deparment The Honorable T. Dan Friedkin Chairman
House District Elliot Naishtat
State Senator Wendy Davis
United States Senator for the State of Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett (United States Senator for the State of Texas)
Stop the use of Inhuman Steel leg hold traps and killing of Wildlife in Texas.

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