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Stop the use of animal carcasses on the reality show ‘Forged in Fire’

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‘Forged in Fire’ is a reality show broadcast on the History Channel where four blacksmiths forge weapons in a competition against each other. To check the quality of these forged weapons they must pass some tests. For this, they use different implements, among which are entire animal carcasses and animal parts. While I enjoy this programme, its use of dead animals for the tests ends the fun for me and surely for many other viewers who do not agree with this practice. It seems completely unnecessary to me that animals have to be slaughtered to be able to use their corpses as tests. Through the episodes they show that they are creative in inventing ways to test the weapons without using dead animals; we want it to always be like this.

That's why I call on the director, the producers and the channel which airs ‘Forged in Fire’ to stop using animal carcasses to carry out weapons tests.

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