Petition Update

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Ruth Kastner
Greenbelt, MD

Jan 8, 2012 — We are still progressing, but in order to persuade USDA to listen to our concern, we need to increase the rate of signatures. We need to show Mr. Vilsack that not just hundreds, but thousands of Americans are opposed to the hiring out of federal wildlife caretakers as wildlife exterminators; that we will not tolerate the Orwellian abuse of the term 'Wildlife Services' to name what has in fact become a major Disservice to American wildlife. If each petition supporter can adopt a goal of recruiting 10-20 new signatures, we will be well on the way to achieving our goal of stopping the wholesale slaughter of wolves by federal agents.

The link provided here is contact info for USDA. Feel free to contact them yourself and let them know how you feel about the anti-wolf sentiments and intentions of federal Wildlife 'Services' agents such as those discussed in the petition.

Thanks for your support!