Petition Update

Over 200 signatures

Ruth Kastner
Greenbelt, MD

Jan 2, 2012 — Dear Petition Supporters: good news, we have over 200 signatures now. However, the goal is 10,000, because it will take *at least* that level of pressure to get USDA authorities to pay attention to this concern. I hope you will consider becoming a 'signature recruiter' by actively seeking out ways to promote this petition to your family, friends, yahoogroups, listservs, etc. Not only will it increase the chances that USDA wolf slaughter will stop, it also informs people who may not be aware that their wildlife caretakers are being used as wildlife exterminators. The more light we can shine on this dark reality, the better our chances of changing it.

The link posted here is to an alert from the Center for Biological Diversity, primarily addressing a similar problem in Montana; an email alert from CBD noted that the wolves of Idaho face impending slaughter by Wildlife 'Services' agents.