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Stop the unfair Application of Mandatory Sentencing Laws!!!!!!

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  • I have a son Michael T. Gravely who was involved in a shooting of a police officer he nor anyone else in the room knew there was a police officer on the other side of the door two people in the room shot at the same door it was never determined by the evidence which bullet struck the officer yet 1 defendant was given 8 years who was a older mature and better able to defend himself in a trail who was promised to serve only 5 years due to good behavior on the other hand the younger defender who was 18 tried to maintain innocence after being offered 20 years on a plea bargain was given 36 years in which 20 years was considered mandatory. Please help get this case to the desk of the President so Justice is served and Mandatory applies to all or none according to the facts. My son has already served more than 9 years of and getting this sentence reduced will give his sons a father so they will learn from such a terrible mistake and not  fall victims to the streets. I CAN'T MAKE YOU RIGHT WHEN YOUR WRONG BUT I CAN STAND FOR YOUR RIGHTS WHEN IT'S WRONG !!!!!

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