Stop the unfair removal of titles on Amazon — Change the KDP Select Policy!

Stop the unfair removal of titles on Amazon — Change the KDP Select Policy!

30 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Marlow Locker

Amazon continues to unfairly remove authors' work from the profitable models of their business, without accountability or compassion.

As an indie author, amazon can be a blessing. It allows you to publish novels and print them as needed for your audience. Kindle unlimited is a major part of most authors' business models, as it gives readers the opportunity to try the book with a monthly subscription to Amazon. It's essentially 'free'.

One of Amazon's requirements to opt-in for ‘KDP Select’ (also known as Kindle Unlimited to readers) is that the work will not be published in an e-format on any other site; It must be exclusive to Amazon.

Many authors follow this rule closely, but amazon refuses to acknowledge the part they play in the theft and redistribution of authors' publications online. Currently, many automated systems use Amazon as a place to copy the e-files that they use for their free websites. It’s completely absurd that the same company turns around and punishes an author by removing their book from KDP Select.

Many independent authors do not have the resources, legal education, and funds to fight these websites when their work is posted for free without their consent. Many sites use automated programs to comb through Amazon, a company that has the ability to help prevent this with better system security.

What do we want:
-Amazon to change their current process for Authors that allegedly infringe on Amazon’s ‘KDP Select’ terms of agreement and exclusivity.

-Amazon to acknowledge their part in the redistribution of work protected under copyright, adding to the potential loss of an author's net income.

-Amazon to offer better protection on its text content, and repercussions for accounts and users that take part in the illegal redistribution of work.

-For Authors to have more efficient access to assistance if an allegation/removal has been made. The current process and time it takes to amend these mistakes impacts authors livelihoods, and potential audience reach.

What does this mean:
Authors who chose to publish their work through amazon, acknowledging the rules of publication, can be advocated for when theft occurs. Amazon also has the resources, legal team, and finances to better protect these files, and create a secure system for the literature that they profit from.

As stated in an article from ‘’ posted on Dec 7th, 2021;

“Per the AAP, tracked ebook sales REVENUE from January through October 2021 amounted to $892.5 million.”

Do better Amazon. We make you money. Protect us.

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Signatures: 36,943Next goal: 50,000
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