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Petitioning The California Medical Board Sharon Levine, President and 3 others

Stop the unconstitutional prosecution of religious midwives! Religious Freedom applies to childbirth choices!

The free exercise of religion is a constitutionally protected right. That right, however, is being infringed upon when a woman is not permitted to choose how, where and with whom she gives birth. There are many who view childbirth as not only non-medical, but religious and spiritual in nature. This understanding of birth as primarily religious in nature can be found to span many, if not most religious thought and dogmas. However, it is not incumbent on the individual to prove the validity of their religious conviction, but rather on the government to show a compelling interest in interfering with an individual's free exercise of religion. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM APPLIES TO CHILDBIRTH CHOICES!

This petition was delivered to:
  • The California Medical Board
    Sharon Levine, President
  • Senior Investigator, Office of Safe Medicine, California Medical Board
    Majida Ibrahim
  • The Governor of California
    Gov. Jerry Brown
  • Kern County District Attorney
    Lisa Green

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