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Petitioning City of Lowell, MA Mayor Murphy

Stop the Trauma: Find a new location for the City of Lowell Fireworks.

For year's, the City of Lowell has refused to listen to pleas and continues to ignite the annual 4th of July fireworks feet from the Lowell Humane Society. Due to numerous safety issues that are created for the animals by the close proximity of the display, the Lowell Humane Society has been forced to close, evacuate and significantly adjust operations during the holiday festivities. Studies have proven that even small stresses have a direct impact on an animal's health and temperament and can lessen their chances of adoption. The animals living in the shelter environment have already been victims in one way or another and shouldn't be subjected to this unnecessary stress. Please sign today and petition the city of Lowell, MA to find a new location for the 4th of July festivities and stop the unnecessary trauma. Please visit: to hear what the fireworks sound like to the animals temporarily living at the Humane Society.

Letter to
City of Lowell, MA Mayor Murphy
I am concerned about the trama caused to the animals at the Lowell Humane Society by the annual 4th of July fireworks display over the Merrimack River. The close proximity of the display to the Humane Society directly affects the safety of the animals. LHS provides shelter for a number of dogs, cats, and other small animals. They face the chaos of the fireworks every year. The Humane Society animals that are living in the shelter environment have already been victims in one way or another and this event, at its current location, will cause unnecessary trauma and stress to the animals. The simple solution would be for the city of Lowell to arrange for an alternative location for the display. As a citizen concerned with the welfare of animals, I urge you to do so. Thank you for your consideration regarding this important matter.

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