Stop the torture of doctors in Syria!

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Stop the torture of doctors in Syria!

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The Syrian physician Sakher Hallak lived well in Aleppo. But when he signed a petition calling for doctors to treat gunshot protesters, his destiny changed. He was selected to die and to frighten other doctors.

Sakher Hallak, 43, was arrested when he was on his way home from his clinic in Aleppo, and he never came back alive. Instead he became one of 88 cases that Amnesty International writes about in their latest report on Syrians killed in captivity, many of them after horrific torture.
The murdered Sakher Hallak differs from other cases in the Amnesty International Report since he was not a protester or known oppositional.

Hallaks tortured and distroyed body was found by a coincidence dumped outside Aleppo in late May. Medical colleagues secretely did an independent autopsy and found horrible damages to the colleagues body. His eyes were pushed inside, his bones were broken in the ribs, arms and fingers and his genitals were crushed. The cause of death was suffocation, through hanging.

With this petition - We are showing the Syrian regime that their crimes against the syrian people are being watched from all over the world. We are also showing the syrian people that we care and support them in the struggle for freedom.

We, the undersigned, demand the Syrian regime to stop the terror against its people; and to let doctors do what they are supposed to do; save lives - no matter if it's a politician from the government or a protester, who's been shot for demanding human rights.

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