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Schools across Hong Kong restrict students from wearing school winter uniform (jacket, trousers, tights, cardigans, etc)

As ridiculous as it sounds, the usage is subject to a specified temperature and date.
For instance, some schools ONLY allow thick winter jackets to be worn when the temperature drops to below 12 degrees.  And for some, it is based on a certain date i.e. the student is not allowed to wear trousers instead of shorts on 15 November if the circular mandated 20 November regardless of the current weather situation.

These rules are controlling, draconian, old-fashioned, pointless and nonsensical and has been going on for decades!
Yes, we understand the many benefits of wearing a school uniform. However, to dictate WHEN to use and not to use them during the winter season is both physically and emotionally harming our children.

Every person reacts differently on different weather conditions – our children must retain their rights to wear winter uniform at their own comfort level. By not doing so, schools are potentially exposing them to the risk of getting ill. And by dictating them, you are only giving them 2 options: to physically dread the cold OR to disobey the rules! And when they disobey they get reprimanded, embarrassed and ridiculed – that they are too “weak” to face the cold weather. Another unnecessary emotional stress to the already stressful Hong Kong education system.

We are aware that wool undershirts, heating gel pads and other cold-combatting items can be easily purchased but what about those who are financially-challenged? And why do parents need to spend extra wherein a solution is already available? 

With all these reasons, we are demanding the Education Bureau to do the following:

1. STOP the schools from dictating the use of winter uniform to a SPECIFIED WEATHER TEMPERATURE
2. STOP the schools from dictating the use of winter uniform to a SPECIFIED DATE
3. That these restrictions shall not be printed on school handbooks and any other circulars
4. To allow students the freedom to wear their winter uniform at their own comfort level

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Thank you for your support,
Idda Morales-Boquiren, Freezing Students and Disappointed Parents


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