Stop the Tax Grab by the NDP!

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Think back to 2009-2010

Think Bill Vander Zalm and the HST

And when  Carol James was the leader of the opposition (NDP) announcing "We can stop the B.C. Liberals' HST tax grab."  Sounds too familiar. 

British Columbians need a Bill Vander Zalm to take on the NDP to stop their school tax grab!!!  

We all need to take action! Write to your MP & MLA.

A few people have started....  

What do you think of the new property surtaxes that are to fund education? There was a good article on page G2 in the Sun this morning and Many have been writing Dave Eby in protest since the budget announcement. I am not in agreement with this tax or the argument that we can just defer as deferment is debt and we should not be pushed into going into debt through this money grab against values that may very well be temporary.

Eby’s office wrote that "We recognize that we are asking for our wealthiest citizens to pay more to help all British Columbians, and we appreciate your contribution.”

Many in Point Grey are retired an on fixed incomes, not necessarily the ‘wealthiest’ other than property values that have increased many fold since purchased many years back.

In Eby’s form letter response (below) he singles out Chip Wilson’s house and the home of the ‘Autotrader’ on Belmont. He has picked the two most expensive properties in the city and I am not sure if it is meant to be inflammatory, also mentioning that they are in company names, but it should be noted that these successful business people have employed thousands and made considerable contributions to our economy. Whatever one thinks of Chip Wilson, I am not sure he should be required to pay an additional $250,000 in tax to fund education in BC.

Eby is also presumptive in saying that when people sell they will benefit from a great windfall. Many nearly lost their homes back in the 80s when the market fell below what they owed and will never take an inflated gain for granted again. We cannot say what will happen but if we defer for the next twenty years or so we will be guaranteed of having a large debt against our homes.

Carole James: We can stop the B.C. Liberals' HST tax grab
by Staff on August 7th, 2009 at 1:02 PM

By Carole James


Since the B.C. Liberals announced the new harmonized sales tax out of the blue at the end of July, I have heard from people from all walks of life and all parts of the province who are united in their opposition to this tax increase……..

The B.C. Liberals haven’t been able to offer any proof to back up their claim this will be good for the economy. On the contrary, a study from the C.D. Howe Institute found that the HST would mean a tax grab worth $4 billion over three years…..

That’s why New Democrats are calling on the B.C. Liberals to scrap this tax. And the response has been amazing. Our petition gathered over 10,000 signatures within the first week, and continues to grow. But it’s going to take more than that. Our MLAs right across the province are meeting with businesses and families who will be impacted by this new tax. We have a year to stop this, and if we work together we can.

Carole James is the leader of the B.C. New Democratic Party

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Bill Vander Zalm: Fight against HST is chance to take back democracy in B.C.
by Staff on March 23rd, 2010 at 6:03 PM


By Bill Vander Zalm

Carole James: We can stop the B.C. Liberals' HST tax grab

I have just returned from the first leg of a provincewide tour to promote the Fight HST citizen initiative petitionto repeal the harmonized sales tax. The response has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people have turned up on short notice at meeting after meeting across the north to sign up as canvassers, captains, and organizers for our petition. In my entire 25 years in B.C. politics, as a councillor, mayor, MLA, cabinet minister, and premier, I have never seen anything even remotely like it.

The campaign to defeat the HST has ballooned into something much bigger and even more significant than protesting an unjust, illegal, and unethical tax. As profound as those arguments are, there is something deeper and even more powerful afoot.

People are rising up to take back their democracy.

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