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Petitioning The Governor of WV

Stop the State Tax on Military and Wounded Warrior Retired Pay in West Virginia

The State of West Virginia has a rich military history with many retired and wounded retired living in the state. Our state currently has a state tax on military retired pay and Disability Retired Pay for military members wounded in combat that have been retired due to combat injuries. The truth is you can get this tax money back at the end of the year, however why should our military members who served over twenty years or been wounded in action have to give the state a portion of their pay they can only get back at the end of the year? These veterans are giving an interest free loan for the state and our state needs to stop taking away from those that have already given so much. Please sign this petition and send a message to our State Law Makers to make West Virginia a true Veterans friendly state. Many who retire from the armed forces look for places to relocate and retire in, some are turned off by the fact that our state is one of a few states that still tax Military retired and Wounded Warrior Retired pay.

Letter to
The Governor of WV
The veterans of our great state that have made the military a career and in particular those that have been wounded in action have contributed so much for so many, I ask that our state cease all state Tax collection on Military Retired and Combat Wounded retired pay or those who were forced out of the military due to a combat injury. This money is taken from our retired pay each month and while we have the option to get that money back when we file state taxes each year, it is unfair and makes little sense to take out something that they get back anyway. The money it takes to process these claims and also the hardships created each month on those on a fixed income is not needed and does not present the picture of a veteran friendly state. In addition to this it appears our veterans who have already given so much are now giving an interest free loan every month to the state and that just is not fair. Many retired military members look at states to move to as they retire, some may bring in additional income and even business development in the state if we could proudly say "West Virginia will not Tax any of our Military Heroes".
Please consider this and let us move forward to a more veteran friendly West Virginia.