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STOP the Stage 2 ION transit Route N3 from running down Moore Street and Eagle street

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In our quiet community of Preston, Cambridge, ON many of us are unaware of what is happening with the LRT (Light Rail Transit), stage 2 ION.

The ION preferred and proposed route "N3" has the LRT coming directly down Shantz Hill as in an 2 tier Bridge.  This monster of a bridge will be the entrance to our lovely Preston.  It will overshadow an already congested area and affect and/or take out many homes and businesses along the way.  THE LRT will then cross the Speed river (Wetlands) and come onto Moore Street before turning left onto Eagle Street towards Hwy 24; wiping out approximately 100 homes, possible apartment buildings, businesses and 2 churches.

The ION plans to run a median up the middle of Eagle street, with trains running every 8 min during peak times on BOTH sides (Tracks spanning 24ft), then 2 lanes of traffic; then a bike lane and then sidewalks.... So we are told

Eagle and Moore Street are narrow streets for the most part and to allow for the ION to be built properties will be torn down on either 1 side of the street or both.  The City of Cambridge is allowed to confiscate (They call it expropriate) these properties, regardless of what the homeowners believe.

There are several alternative routes that could easily save between 85 - 100 homes, businesses, and churches.... ie Maple Grove/boxwood/speedville area  route being one of them allowing for residents to get to Toyota, and other large business in the Boxwood business park

The area of Eagle Street, on the SW side of King street is a quiet, well established residential area full of families. Many of the homes in this area are century homes, original to the settling of Preston, and multigenerational homes.  It is devastating to say the least that good people, families, churches and businesses will lose part of or all of their homes and livelihoods if the N3 route is chosen.

So as a community, we have until March 17th , 2017 to voice our concerns by signing this petition, and going to to comment. 

Please help us STOP the LRT Route “N3”. We want an alternative route that will benefits the citizens of Cambridge NOT DESTROY people’s homes, business and churches when it can be avoided.




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