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While some other Middle-East leaders may not be completely trustworthy due to their reputations for favouring a lifestyle of rampant avarice coupled with participation vis-a-vis financial and other support of Islamist activities in that area of the world and elsewhere; and while it may be true that Mubarak who was vice president under Nobel Peace Prize winner Anwar Sadat has held the presidency for a longer period than democratic normalcy would deem proper, it cannot be denied that unlike many of the others the country of Egypt has lived in peace both internally, with all its neighbours, and internationally under his watch.


It is also patently obvious from the character of the protest turnout that most Egyptians are not the variety of people who enjoy protesting and rioting in the streets, and have not offered support to this current strife nor its stated desire to replace Mubarak in office.  Moreover, he has responded to complaints of protesters by undertaking several necessary changes that should satisfy those whose concerns revolve around the manner in which law and order enforcement misuses had been carried out in the past, as well as other changes leading to a more peaceful existence for all Egyptians.


Only those who think they can stand to gain from usurping a reliable regime have any interest in toppling it.  We in the West are aware that Hamas together with other terrorist organizations is engineering and supporting the current unrest.  Toppling the Egyptian government seems easier to them because Egypt has been able to exist as a land of peace and progress, and they think this is weakness that can be taken advantage of.  Hamas has a history of attempted usurpation and hatred toward stable governments, as do the majority of terrorist organizations.  Even their charitable arm is typically used as a device to undermine local authority rather than bolster it.


There is no way in hell I or any of my acquaintances would support the toppling of a peaceful regime to face a strong potential of replacement with a terrorist regime, nor should you.  Please recognize along with us that those who wish to depose Mubarak are agents of terrorism and unrest in the Middle East, and they are at work trying to undermine a stable government for their own nefarious purposes.

Letter to
President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao
Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin
Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel
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Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
President of the United States of America Barak Obama
Prime Minister of the UK Gordon Brown
Please sign this petition to stop terrorist organizations from undermining one of the most peaceful and stable governments in the Middle East.

Recognize that those whose ulterior motives are destabilizing the entire area (and making good use of their well-meaning but unwitting collusionists-by-sympathy compadres here in the West to assist them with apparent leadership and petitions, etc.) are behind all the requests for petitions and rhetoric requesting your participation in their twisted idea of destabilizing the area in order to take over in the name of deposing Mubarak. They try to prey on your pity and gullibility by showing the worst aspects of the Egyptian government's attempts to restore peace and order to Cairo streets as well as highlighting is past mis-steps.

Of course there have been some abuses by the authorities during this particular period of unrest: there often are, and it's unfortunate. But in this case, the military has been given strict orders to show restraint, and overall their record is pretty good considering the numbers of protesters in the streets and who and what are behind them. As far as the past is concerned, Mubarak is taking steps to modify his government to change the degree of potential for that kind of misuse of authority.

The PRESENT danger we have to look at is what happens after the peace in the Middle East is destabilized. For the sake of peace in the world, please sign this petition, and ignore the others that promote strife and a move away from stability.

Mark State,