STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19: Canada's Action Plan

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Citizens in this country are doing their due diligence to flatten the coronavirus curve. They have cancelled travel plans, have self isolated upon returning from travel or if feeling unwell. They have tried their best to prepare themselves for a very uncertain time. The world has never dealt with a problem of this scale that threatens public health.

I am calling on the Federal Government of Canada to implement an aggressive plan to overreact. A strong, precautionary measure to contain the spread of coronavirus.

I think it's a fair statement to say that travel is directly related to the spread of coronavirus. This action plan would support the concerns of overwhelming our healthcare system in a proactive, responsible, manner.

Step 1; Allow all Canadians abroad a week timeframe of opportunity to return to Canada.

Step 2; Temporarily suspend all inbound and outbound international travel. UPDATE: Restrictions are in place, but not full closures.

Step 3; Restrict land border crossings, temporarily suspending all personal travel. Continue cross border trade to support the economy and supply chains to ensure we can provide essentials to all citizens in both Canada and America. UPDATE: Canada and the United States have reached an agreement to close the shared border to non-essential travel.

Step 4; Coordinate the school spring break between private, public, and catholic schools to extend the total break time to a 1 month window. UPDATE: School closures are now in effect in some provinces.

Step 5; Allow all current and new cases of coronvirus within Canada to recover.

Step 6; Reassess the situation at the end of April to determine next steps.

Canada has a choice to lead or follow. I believe this plan would provide people with a sense of security and hopefully allow some level of normalcy to be restored in a very uncertain time.

If Canada can control it's own situation, we then have an opportunity to participate in efforts to restore humanity elsewhere.