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It is widely accepted that spot rezoning in established neighbourhoods in urban areas is detrimental to the sense of community and vibrancy of the rezoned  neighbourhood and often leads to the loss of a sense of community and neighbourliness. 

Therefore, this petition objects to the arbitrary SPOT rezoning of 1805 Larch Street from RT-8 (single family, duplex, triplex, townhouse, laneway housing zoning) to  CD-1 (Comprehensive Development - District rezoning, allows for apartment zoning including high rise zoning), which will irreversibly alter the form and character as well as disrupt the harmonious architecture of the entire neighbourhood.

This petition has no objection whatsoever to building low-moderate income  rental housing located anywhere in the City of Vancouver, when it is well designed, well planned and the development meets the needs of the community and is not spot rezoned to accommodate developers.  

The petitioners with their signatures below respectfully request that the Mayor and City Council deny and set aside this spot rezoning application at 1805 Larch Street from RT-8 to CD-1, particularly since this rezoning application is not and has not been part of  the "City-wide comprehensive development plan for Vancouver for the 21st century" as heralded unanimously by the Mayor and City Council immediately post the 2018 municipal elections.   

Here's a short clip of the proposed spot rezoning development: