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Stop the Slaughter House of Our Children's Lives

Unity you grow stronger in numbers, Divide you fall and sink like quick sand and die off quickly. When a child is away from their blood family they suffer physically, emotionally, sexually, and intellectually. They never learn stability nor trust. In, fact their were numerous cases that were eventually covered up that children have a higher rate of death, molestation, mental, and physical disablement after been in care of the state as a ward. If a child grows up and make it through these unspeakable prison, concentration camps they grow up very angry and violent as pedophiles and murderers. They continue the cycle in which they ingested. This must be put to a halt immediately to help our future not be at constant war but of love and peace with nature and humanity. Review the events as a World wide media story of Jimella Tunstall and her children were brutally murdered by Tiffany Hall again they were wards of the State and under the so called jurisdictional and guidance or care of DCFS custody. Their were many more cases. When a mother does everything the state asks of her to obtain custody of her child/children DCFS lies to the child and mother eventually no contact is allowed between parents and child it will always be excuses to why their is no connection in the end it will be blamed on the parents in court as neglect. The Juvenile court Judge when the worker has false allegation in black and white on a document against the parents of the child/children to further keep custody of the child. The judge then grants warship over to the state and it is always noted that the child will return to their parents in 5 month. All children under the jurisdiction of the states so called DCFS are medicated with varies of prescription drugs from a physiological that sates that the child have mental problems that will over medicate a child to a sedative state. That also, is mentioned to the Judge by the caseworker and advocate of the court of that county. Children are gifts to us all and they should never have to go through torcher, drama, confusing, abuse, and etc. Remember children are our future for tomorrow! Train a child in which they should go so when you get old they will care for you out of Love and Peacefully. Without love, Peace, proper guidance, stability, family the world is doomed for genocide, suicide, and total destruction of the Universe. It would be dark, gloomy, evil and cold!

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  • Divisions of Child , Youth,FAMILY , Human and Support Social Services
    (DCFS, DFS, DFCS, DSS, DYFS, DHS and etc.) in the USA

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