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the breed is not to blame, it is the people who own and train them to do malicious acts or in-breed the dogs resulting in unstable dogs. This breed, when trained properly are loving, devoted and intelligent. The pit bull is dedicated to their owner, the pit bull loves their owner, therefore the breed will do what you ask of them. If the pit bull is taught to fight, or attack and is asked to do this by his owner, the dog will do as his owner wishes. The owner of the dog should be held accountable, the breed should not be discriminated against because of irresponsible people. This discrimination must be stopped. It is inhumane and inexcusable to execute a family, pet or service dog simply because a handful of this breed has been improperly bred or taught. This is comparable to executing all Italian Americans because a mob or crime family is of Italian decent. These dogs have to be taught to be aggressive. They love their humans. This discrimination must be stopped. Owners are being forced to smuggle their dogs out of select cities in the United States because if the dogs are spotted, they will be confiscated and executed. They are being forced to give up their pets to rescues or risk having the dog killed. Please stop this cruelty.

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