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Stop the SGR Payment Decreases Before January 1, 2013

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Letter to
United States Congress
The Medical Society of New Jersey is the largest physician membership organization in the state. We are writing on behalf of our 8,000 members and the undersigned organizations and individuals below.

We understand that Congress has difficult work ahead to address the deficit and avoid the fiscal cliff. Since this year is significantly more challenging for Congress, we are crystallizing our Medicare physician payment request here.

Stop the payment decreases before January 1
It is imperative that the 27% fee decrease scheduled to occur on January 1, 2013 due to the SGR be stopped. We also ask that you stop the 2% fee decrease which will occur under the sequester. Our physicians simply cannot continue to treat seniors if they face an almost 30% fee decrease. We fully expect an access issue for our seniors if these cuts are not avoided. A repeal of the SGR should be part of any deficit reduction package. Physicians and our citizens deserve a payment methodology for Medicare beneficiaries that is both predictable and sustainable over the long-term.

Replace the SGR with a payment methodology consistent with the AMA’s Principles for Transition
We appreciate that settling upon an adequate replacement for the SGR before the end of the year is not feasible. We wrote to you on October 25, 2012 indicating our support for the AMA’s Principles for Transition to a new Medicare payment model. At this time, we seek your commitment to incorporate these principles into legislation that would replace the SGR.

Should you have any questions about our position or the impact that the scheduled payment cuts will have on seniors’ access to care, please call us at 609-896-1766 or e-mail

Mary F. Campagnolo, MD, MBA
MSNJ President

John Poole, MD
MSNJ Treasurer