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Stop the Senate from Jeopardizing Healthcare for Seniors and Children


This week, the Senate will be voting on Representative Paul Ryan’s controversial proposed budget.

The conservative's plan slashes $1.43 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid, putting seniors’ health and financial security at risk. What’s more, under the Republican budget, 30 million children could lose access to health coverage and people with disabilities could see their benefits slashed.

Rep. Ryan will be handing out huge tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while he takes away tax credits that help middle-class families afford health insurance!

Don’t let this irresponsible, anti-senior, and anti-child budget pass the Senate. Send a message to your Senators and urge them to vote NO on the Republican proposal.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
As your constituent and a strong supporter of America’s seniors, people with disabilities, and children, I am writing because I strongly disagree with the House Republican budget proposal.

This proposal would cut $1.43 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid, which would have a major, adverse affect on seniors—especially seniors who require long-term care services and supports. This proposal will inevitably result in seniors losing the care they need at a time when they need it the most.

When seniors are left without care, their family members may have to give up their jobs to take care of their loved ones full-time—putting a strain on families who are already struggling in this recovering economy.

But seniors and their caregivers aren’t the only ones hurt by this budget plan. The damaging cuts proposed to Medicaid will cause major harm to children needing basic health care. In fact, up to 30 million children who depend on Medicaid to get access to basic health care could lose their coverage.

The House Republican budget plan also eliminates tax credits that will make health insurance premiums more affordable for millions of Americans, effectively raising taxes for the middle class.

At a time when we are still recovering from the economic recession, Americans want solutions that will help seniors, children, and the middle class, not dangerous politicking that will hurt consumers. I urge Congress to reject this irresponsible budget and focus on real solutions that will make a difference for American families.

Please join me in standing with America’s seniors and vote NO on the proposal tomorrow.

Thank you for your time,

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