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It is common knowledge amongst Walmart customers that their live fish are notorious for not living long, the tanks are rarely cleaned, and the time you have to wait to have an employee retrieve one for you is ridiculously long.

After several complaints from myself and others at several stores, these problems continue. The bottom line is that if they are not concerned about taking care of the animals they have for sale, then they should not be selling them. Please join in asking them to simply stop selling fish since they apparently feel that cleaning the tanks and removing dead fish is not important.

Fish are live animals that deserve to be taken care of, not allowed to languish in filthy conditions.

Letter to
CEO of Walmart Stores Michael Duke
I am one of many concerned customers who feel that WalMart should stop selling fish and other aquatic animals. There are several notable reasons for this.

At nearly every store I have been to, the tanks are rarely clean enough, and if your employees are not allowed time to take care of these living animals, then you should hire more associates specifically for this task. If you do not do that, then it is time to consider the end of animal sales.

How much real profit do you make from fish anyway? They are very low priced, many die in the store, many more purchased fish are returned for refunds when they die soon, and what does it cost to run the air pumps/lights/ add water, etc. for these tanks? It is probably safe to guess that you sell them as a convenience more than a profit item.

Numerous other items have been and continue to be phased out all of the time by your store, and it may be time for this as well. Your company is large enough to absorb the potential loss of whatever miniscule profit there may be from fish sales, if there is any at all. Eliminating the tanks would create sizeable areas to expand the pet departments and sell more profitable aquatic supplies as well, including more and larger aquariums, expensive filtration units, and exotic fish foods. Then customer service will no longer have to deal with smelly dead fish returns, pet dept. associates will no longer have to bag fish for people, and everything will be simpler.

Overall, everyone will win, including WalMart, the customers, and the fish. Please consider this idea to help animals as well as your reputation as a responsible retailer.


Thank you. Sincerely,

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