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Stop The School Dress Code Against Women

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Schools worldwide have day by day over sexualized the woman body.

It seems by every passing year the schools grow more and more upset with the woman and her natural curves, forbidding her to wear clothes that are generally okay to wear in public. It seems that public schools seem a bit excessive on their power and forget that it's the taxes of the people who paid for the public service to begin with, it only makes sense that the clothing the teenagers wear should accommodate to the law, if it's legal then it should be allowed.

It started off simple, girls shouldn't show up in bras and panties. Agreeable for all, right? Until it started to grow. From covering up your boobs completely to making sure not even the smallest bit of cleavage was showing, not wearing shorts even in the most burning of weathers to covering up your collarbone and shoulders!  Apparently, the male specimen spend their school time dreaming about a woman's collarbone and/or shoulder rather than working. Seems unbelievable, Right? I mean, who wouldn't just lay in bed and dream of a woman's collarbone? And her shoulders that every person in the entire world has. The dress code is going to plain ridicule.  Women can't wear dangly jewellery, tight jewellery, Chokers, tank tops, backless spaghetti straps, Clothes that show your midriff (stomach), Clothes that show your collar bone, Clothes that show your shoulders, high heels, and God forbid I go on. Although it's common women targetted it's frankly the dress code in general! No clothing expressing homosexuality, no clothing expressing beliefs (which goes against the 'freedom of religion' constitutional right) No clothes that follow trends (more primarily pointed at women) No light up shoes (Because apparently you're a damn fly that won't be able to focus straight because you'll be too busy thinking 'oooh is that light?') etc.

A good friend and I decided to do an experiment once, we both show up wearing clothes that show our shoulders, him a wife beater and me a tank top. We went throughout the day casually until around fourth period. I was paired with another friend in the middle of the classroom when our teacher came up to us. He told me that my clothing was a distraction and that what I was wearing was too sexual for school. I was told to change or to leave to go home. I decided just to simply change into the t-shirt they provided at the main office that I was told to give back later the day and then went on with my school day. At the end I met up with my friend who was wearing his wife beater still and asked him what happened, he reported nothing and that's when I decided I was going to do something to help stop this.


Young girls are being taught that their body is shameful and showing it is only for sluts/whores. Girls that are susceptible to society are getting told to cover their body or it's on you if you get raped, molested and sexually harassed. This is not true.

 We get told that if we are sexually exploited in any way it's because our clothing was suggestive and we were 'asking it for it'. This is, once more, not true. 

Help stop this. Your voice matters.

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