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November 3rd 2016 we sadly lost our mother to a lung disease (COPD) 

My mom made her wishes very clear in her funeral arrangements, she stated that her next of kin was her brother and he was to be the decision maker as to where her ashes were scattered.  

The family agreed my mothers ashes were to be scattered or placed with her father, which is where her mother would be laid to rest too.

But TWO people didn't want that to happen. I cannot name names. 

So they decided to hide my mothers ashes away from the rest of our family. including my 81 year old nan, who has just lost her 2nd child. 

We then found out that these 2 people had taken my moms ashes abroad and scattered them against not just ours families wishes but against my own mothers wishes which was stated in her funeral arrangements that she arranged herself.


even though I have explained this to the police and as sad as they feel about it and they understand, there is no law against these two people taking my mothers ashes abroad and scattering them even though it was against my moms wishes.

I don't wish this pain or sadness on anyone, my heart breaks for my poor nan. When birthdays and anniversaries come around we have nowhere to visit we have nowhere to lay her flowers .

PLEASE can everybody sign and share this petition. 

There should be a law to protect our families ashes from this happening. it can cause so much heartbreak, when someone has done it out of pure spite.

Just because my moms dead does that mean her wishes means nothing ???