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Stop the Sale of Sugar Gliders

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Sugar Gliders are being sold at Pocket Pets, a traveling kiosk. Companies like Pocket Pets receive their Sugar Gliders from breeders, which are much like puppy mills!

In the wild, Sugar Gliders live in groups up to 30 and "glide" freely from tree to tree searching for bugs. When in captivity, they require a proper diet, a lot of attention, and a cage large enough for them to move around and jump. In the traveling kiosk, they are kept in small cages without enough room to move around. They are also handled roughly and not fed proper diets that they need to be healthy. In conditions like this Sugar Gliders are more than likely to be stress and when they are stress they harm themselves.

Living in a tiny cage traveling from mall to mall just to be purchased by someone who will not give you the proper nutrition and living habit is no way for this beautiful creature to live.

Reach out to Eastwood Mall in Ohio to ask them to create a policy that bans the sale of Sugar Gliders from Pocket Pets.

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