Mandatory serial number for all used bike sales via internet

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All major Canadian cities experience an increase of bicycle theft, year after year. The criminals are getting more refined in their methods of acquiring, moving, modifying and selling the stolen bikes.  The on-line platforms such as eBay (Kijiji), Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Craiglist, Pinkbike facilitate the quick sale of such stolen goods, hence tacitly facilitating a crime.  

On behalf of victims of such crime, we ask the owners and managers of these platforms, to make it mandatory for any user selling a bicycle via their platforms, to provide proof of ownership of the advertised bike. This can be done by adding a mandatory-to-fill field for the bike serial number, before being able to post it for sale.  Exceptions: kids bikes with no serial numbers on the frame, custom made bikes, vintage bikes. For these exceptions other proof of ownership could be:  purchase or service receipts, BikeIndex or Garage 529 registrations, etc.   The serial number provided in every bike for sale ad should be mandatory on all platforms.

This will give potential buyers the opportunity to verify who the real owner of the bike is and deny the criminals the opportunity to profit of their crimes.  

Lastly, this simple act will keep the integrity of eBay (Kijiji), Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Craiglist, Pinkbike as partner and supporters of law and civilized society.