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Stop the sale of fish and semi-aquatic animals at Walmart stores.

We, the shoppers of the Walmart and Walmart Super Stores across the United States and elsewhere, petition to stop the sale of live fish, as well as any other living creatures for that matter (ie: frogs, crabs).The lack of proper care leads to many fatalities in aquatic and/or semi-aquatic animals. Frogs, betta fish, and crabs are sold in cups that do not have the clean water and space needed for the animal to grow, creating many health problems, and often times leading to death. Fish in overstocked tanks die an unnecessary death of ammonia poisoning, and workers with no prior knowledge as to the care of fish are hired. It's time to take a stand. Stop the cruel, unnecessary treatment and killing of animals in Walmart stores. Boycott walmart's animal department. Let them know that this cruelty is unacceptable, and we will not support it. Sign, be a part of the change.

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  • President & CEO of Walmart Stores/Supercenters USA
    Eduardo Castro-Wright

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