Stop the Safe Injection Site on our street

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   It seems that our government, once again, is trying blind side us with a very crucial decision that directly affects the residents of the Downtown Brampton area  

   The Peel HIV/AIDS Network, Peel Health, Public Health Ontario and other influential Brampton Council have purposely kept quiet the location of Brampton’s first "SAFE INJECTION SITE", which has just received tax payer's funds to supplement this cause.  

   And guess what? It has just been released that the location will literally be in the middle of a family residential area, steps from where kids play, steps from the very popular Duggan Park, Steps from walking trails, steps from soccer and baseball fields, steps from schools and steps from the new high end long term living facility. 257 Main Street North is the new overdose prevention injection site, which is the middle of a highly populated family community. Our streets will now be the 401 Highway for strung out, high and intoxicated drug users or erratic behaviour from those suffering from withdrawal symptoms.    

   Can you imagine your kids playing outside and witnessing this behaviour, walking to and from your car at night will be questionable at the least, you can forget about using Duggan Park; I'm not even going to mention the stock pile of needles and homemade drug paraphilia in the forest there. This has got to be some sort of joke!  

   AND CAN YOU GUESS WHATS NEXT? You got It! Drug Dealers YAYYYY. It's no secret this will now be an easy haven for drug dealers to conduct their business, they can treat our street like a McDonalds drive-thru for Meth, Crack-Cocaine, Heroine and of course our new favourite Fentanyl. As if violence and gun violence isn’t bad enough in Brampton, lets bring it to our quiet residential area. In fact, a well-known drug kingpin; Oliver Augustas Willis was gunned down in broad daylight on Family day less than 2km from this area, he was freed back in 2003 from a first-degree murder charge because he threatened the key witnesses into silence. These are the type of personalities we can expect hanging around this community now, with the Injection Site being the new uninvited neighbour. 

   Yes, we are not naive to the Opioid drug crisis is Peel, however those responsible for choosing the location of a "Safe Injection Site" need to utilize a little more consideration in their decision making. I'm not sure how such reputable organizations and individuals have collectively figured this was a good idea, but I urge those people to take a walk in the area and see if the shoe fits, see if it makes sense to take one at risk group, and put hundreds of others at risk.  

  This is an area of mostly all fully detached $600,000+ homes with front yards and high property tax. You can officially expect your home's value will be dropping a minimum of 20%. 

   WE NEED TO PUT IN MOTION TO HAVE THIS INJECTION SITE MOVED, We have until April 3rd, Our opinion matters, we need to be heard, we need to make noise, our opinion should’ve been considered. Send your emails, make your phone calls, please exhaust all forms of communications and resources with those that can help us. SIGN THE PETITION. 


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