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Stop the professionnal discriminations due to diabetes

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Everybody has already heard about diabetes, or knows someone affected by it. This chronic disease touches around 4.5 million people in the UK and 415 million across the world. It is not a small scale phenomenon we are facing, but rather a worldwide health issue that keeps on growing and spreading among every country.

But in spite of the complexity that comes with diabetes, diabetic persons as I am myself for 17 years now are citizens, with the same rights as anyone else. I am 20 years old, I will soon start my professional life, try to find my place on the labor market which is not an easy process in the current economical / societal context. And I wonder what if my condition of diabetic was making it even harder for me? What if I had to add to the daily injustice of being diabetic the probability to be discriminated in my future professional life? 

My wish is for every diabetic person to have the possibility of choosing whatever profession he or she wants regardless of the disease. The Equality Act of 2010 in the UK prevents those kinds of discriminations but nevertheless still today some professions in relation with the police, firefighter and armed force services and so on are under deep restrictions of access. Without mentioning all the discriminations faced by diabetics on the labor market that remain silent, but that prevent them to reach professional promotions or even to be hired in the first place by the employers.  

Obsolete legislations and a lack of knowledge of the disease should not give the right to discriminate diabetic persons on the labor market. Times have changed, and are still changing. Scientific progresses give us the possibility to have a normal personal and professional life. 

I am creating this petition following the one going on in France, my country of origin where it has already gathered more than 30 000 signatures. 

Every signature is a step towards more equality for all the persons suffering from diabetes. 

Case of professional discrimination due to diabetes found in the press:


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