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Stop the Production and Sale of this Greeting Card!


Your signatures will be a declaration to stop the manufacture and removal of the card from all stores and online sites. We, the undersigned, believe this card encourages violence against women and is not a subject that should be taken as humorous, trivial, or acceptable within our society.  Those signed also boycott shopping at all businesses which sell Inc. products until this dehumanizing greeting card is removed from shelves and production.


One in four women (25%) has experienced Domestic Violence within her lifetime.

 One in five teens in a serious relationship reports having been hit, slapped, or pushed by a partner. 

One in five (21%) women reported she had been raped or physically or sexually assaulted in her lifetime. 

Statistics from Domestic Violence Resource Center


The Card:

On the front: a head shot of a battered woman. With bruises and cuts on her face. It resembles a police report photograph that would be taken as evidence. Which reads: "I told her..."

On the inside: Which reads: "...if she didn’t get me that beer she wouldn’t see me for a week!!"


Violence against women isn’t funny. Sign this petition to show this issue should not be taken lightly!



Letter to Inc
GigglesWorld Corporation
About a month ago I went to Giggles in Poughkeepsie, NY and came across the most offensive card I have ever seen. On the front was a photograph of a battered woman. Her eyes were swelled closed and it looked as though the photograph might be a police shot for evidence. She had bruises on her face and a cut near her eye, with a ruler measuring the damages done by domestic violence. I was planning on just writing a letter to the company. But I realized, after visiting a Giggles in Carmel, NY, this card would haunt me for the rest of my life. There is was! On another rack, in another store. How many Giggles are there in New York state? What other store chains has this card been distributed to? How many people have been able to pick this up and get a good laugh at it; without thinking twice about the violence it encourages? One letter isn’t going to pull it off of shelves.

Through this petition I hope these companies realize their influences within society. This card down right encourages violence against women. It promotes laughter at an issue that is indisputably horrific and real to many. It perpetuates the installation of fear in women's lives. If this culture continues to laugh at violence, instead of taking it seriously, I will still be unable to walk alone at night time. I will continue to fear rape, sexual assault and violence. The message to laugh off violence affects attitudes and actions. Because of this card, I am not safe. It laughs at my fear. It laughs at every woman who has been assaulted and abused. It laughs at inequality. It laughs at injustice. In all seriousness, stop laughing. Violence against women isn’t funny.

Sign this petition to send THEM a message! Show them that violence cannot be looked at as trivial! Violence against women kills and destroys; with your signatures we demand to stop the laughter.


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