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Stop the Privatization of U.S. Air Traffic Control

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The ATC privatization provision in HR 2997 would have a negative effect on the skydiving community. Currently, the FAA has a policy of "first come, first served," but if this bill were to go into effect, it would no longer apply as the corporation to take over would be in the interest of the airlines. This could increase delays for not only jump flights but other general aviation flights. Further, this nonprofit organization would be funded by fees from airlines and private aircraft owners. While this would not affect major airlines much, it would increase jump ticket prices, likely quite drastically. Under the current bill, general aviation would be exempt from user fees, but this could be easily undone in the future by Congress. Supporters of the bill argue that this will decrease the cost of running air traffic control, but both France and Canada - two countries that privatized their ATC - have seen an increase in what it costs to run the organization. If you've ever had a sport or hobby that you love, I encourage you to sign this petition. Our sport is at risk, and we need all the help we can get in fighting this bill! 

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