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The pollution of our planet is killing everything that lives on it. I want to put an end to the waste that is causing this, we need to do it for ourselves and future generations that we are leaving this planet to. Many things are at fault for our dying planet but one big problem is pollution of trash. We need to stop it from the source, either stop buying plastic products or the companies making the plastic need to change to an earth friendlier material. There are so many alternatives to plastic, we don’t need to keep killing our planet. These companies need to change to biodegradable materials. 

Plastics can take up to 450-1000 years to decompose. This is causing the death of over 100 million marine animals a year. Those dealths are just the marine ones. The pollution is affecting your own health as well every day. Plastic is filling up landfills more then they can hold.

this problem will not go away until big companies change their ways. We need to stop telling the common people to turn a light off or recycle and start telling the multi billion dollar companies dumping horrible chemicals into the environment every hour of everyday to stop. Please think about how others lives are impacted by this. Stop buying plastic. Write to companies that still use plastic and urge them to stop. One voice can change the world, let’s stand together to stop the killing of our only home. The Earth needs your voice.

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