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Stop the police's excessive use of force against the Turkish people

Something brave and significant is happening in Turkey. A late blooming Occupy wave one might call it.

On Friday, riot police used tear gas and extreme force on peaceful protestors demonstrating on one of the last remaining public green spaces in Istanbul - Gezi Park.

This has become a matter about more than just saving trees. This is an 'I can do whatever I damn well want', fascist mentality that not only supresses but attacks its own people.

Police have used tear-gas and excessive force against the peaceful demonstrations. 

To make matters worse, media channels are being censored so as not to display the news. And yet, social media has kept the world up-to-date.

Please sign this online petition to get our voices heard.

Letter to
Turkish Government
We, the Turkish diaspora, hold grave concerns for the way police in Turkey are using excessive force against protestors who are demonstrating peacefully in several cities.

These are deplorable acts: they're inhumane, against basic human rights and totally inconsistent with democratic right.

We are speaking to our embassies and the foreign affairs departments in our respective countries.

We urge you to stop the violence executed from your police force.

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