Petition Update

Received a call from Fish & Wildlife Service

Seth Webster
New York, NY

Aug 27, 2013 — Fish and Wildlife Service called and stated emphatically that they are not euthanizing all of the tortoises, which we already knew and stated that the original article was incomplete.

They are only euthanizing those tortoises which are deemed too unhealthy for adoption or survive in the wild or cohabitate with the general population as they may spread whatever disease they have and further threaten the recovery effort.

I requested an approximate number of tortoises that would be euthanized and she was unable to provide that number. An inside source close to the facility estimates that number to be around 200.

I offered that plenty of people are generously requesting that they be allowed to donate to provide care for the tortoises, and she informed me that other organizations were making efforts to assist as well but that help is coming too slowly. I am reaching out to these other organizations tomorrow.