Stop The Proposed Gold Coast Flight Path and ILS Development

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Stop The Proposed Gold Coast Flight Path and ILS Development

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Warren Truss - Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development and

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Started by STOP THE ILS

Gold Coast Airport and Air Services Australia are proposing A New Gold Coast Flight Path Which Will See Jet Aircraft Flying Directly over Gold Coast Suburbs that have never before experienced substantial jet aircraft noise. The Proposed ILS (Instrument Landing System) Development Plan Fails To Accurately Explain The True Impact The New Flight Path Will Have....

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The Facts about the Gold Coast ILS & New Flight Path

The ILS will not just be used in bad weather, it will be used every day by ALL International Flights (growing in numbers), and can be used by any domestic flight regardless of the weather. In bad weather, there will be aprox 50 to 80 + flights per day using the new flight path and once the new flight path is approved, effectively any pilot on either international or domestic can choose to use this flight path at their discretion.  Air Services Australia specifically comments on the usage of the new flight path in this article.

If Approved, It Is Certain That Residents Under The New Gold Coast Flight Path Will Experience:

- Declines In Property Prices
- Noise and Vibration From Jet AirCraft (Increasing Over Time)
- Decrease In Quality Of Life
- Increased Air Pollution

Here are some useful resources for residents to understand the impact of the new flight path and ILS


The Courier Mail - Gold Coast Airport ILS plan opposed by Qantas, Jetstar

Brisbane Times Article - New Airport Flight Path Could Impact 40,000 Gold Coast Residents

ABC News Article - What The Proposed Changes To Gold Coast Flight Paths Means For You

ABC Radio - Steve Ciobo - Interview about Gold Coast Airport ILS Development

Gold Coast Bulletin Article - Gold Coast Airport’s ILS might be good news for planes, but not for residents

Gold Coast Bulletin Article - New flight path from Surfers south has communities divided

You may also Google ' Gold Coast Airport ILS Flight Paths ' in google news and do your own research.

What Needs To Happen

The Local and Federal Government, The Gold Coast Airport & Air Services Australia must consider the serious impact of the ILS (Instrument Landing System) Development & Newly Proposed Gold Coast Flight Path on the residents below or near the affected areas. They must consider the changes in quality of life & health of residents and they must consider widespread property price declines.

We, the below mentioned petitioners, humbly ask the House to veto the proposed ILS development and the associated proposal for a new Flight Path over the Gold Coast residential areas.

To All Concerned Residents Of The Gold Coast - Please Do The Following:

1. Sign this online petition now - then email / text it to friends and post it on facebook.

2. Make a complaint and provide feedback directly to the Gold Coast Airport via the online feedback and complaint form Here

3. Contact Warren Truss - Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development and make a formal objection to the flight path.

4. Contact Steve Ciobo - Federal Member For Cold Coast

We have until July 13th 2015 to have our say on this issue, please take action today !

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This petition had 698 supporters

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