Stop the new fence in Table Bay Nature Reserve in Table View

Stop the new fence in Table Bay Nature Reserve in Table View

4 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by janni leo

There are plans by the City to erect a fence in Table Bay Nature Reserve, in an area used daily by 100s of Table View residents. Mostly people with their dogs, foom Sandpiper Cresent to Stilt Avenue.

***This fence will block ALL access to the area we call The Vlei. ALL gates will be LOCKED, even the one that say Pedestrian Gate***

The same paths have been walked since Flamingo Vlei was developed, many years ago. Some of our walkers have visited daily for over 35 years!

The Fence will block ALL access to an area loved by many. It is an intrusion that will take away the magic of the Vlei, and is totally unnecessary.

We understand that some will welcome the fence, and we are all entiteled to our own opinions. This petition is here to inform the public of the Citys intention and what immediate actions need to be taken if you agree with us. We will fight this with all we got.

Please sign this petition and keep a lookout for more communication from our side, A PHYSICAL ADDITIONAL PETITION NEED TO BE SIGNED AT A LATER STAGE.

The City say the problem is our dogs, people fishing in the Rietveli (who would want to eat anything from that infested water?) and walking on the pan when it is dry. Also that "motorised kites" and motor bikes are a problem, we have never seen anything like that in the vlei. 

All the "problems" above will not be prevented by this fence. It will only block access to walkers and the home owners. We believe we have the right to enjoy the vlei unrestricted, as we have all of these years.

This is extremly waistfull expenditure of the city, this money could be used so much better in our area.

We don't just walk the Vlei, we look after it. As the City have failed to do so.

When the pan is dry we collect black bags full of rubish, plastic and carcasses. to ensure the safety of the birds and other animals.

We clean out the canals every 6 months, from rubbish and plastic.

We maintain the long grass near home and paths.

Cut away dead trees etc.

Prevented many burglaries over the years by walking our dogs in the Vlei.

We have saved countless of birds and wildlife.

The list is endless. We, the dog walkers, all respect the Vlei and so do our pets.

We know that drug addicts and homeless catch and eat/sell fish, bird eggs and birds! We have known of this for over 2 years... and again, it has nothing to do with us and will not be prevented by this fence.

We LOVE the Vlei and see ourselves as it's protectors. We do NOT deserve to be punished.

The City must open a discussion with us. And yes... Mr Mayor, please answer our email.




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Signatures: 322Next Goal: 500
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