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Petitioning National Park Service Ann Hitchcock 202-354-2271, John Dennis 202-513-7174 and 6 others

Stop the National Park Service from selling rights to living Park materials, call Ann Hitchcock 202-354-2271, John Dennis 202-513-7174:

The Park Service is asking for comments about how they'll profit from 'our collective' natural heritage. It is not NPS' right to sell off pieces of our heritage to the highest bidder(s). "Benefit sharing" is verbiage intended to sanitize, disguise or parse this very transparent intention.

The Director of the National Park Service issued "Director's Order #77-10: NPS Benefit Sharing. In the jargon of the Convention on Biological Diversity - of which the US is one of the few countries in the world NOT to be a member - this policy document is about Benefit Sharing subsequent to access (of living organisms) in the National Parks.

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