COVID19: Stop The Monetary System!

COVID19: Stop The Monetary System!

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Jaak Sazonov started this petition to President of the United States and

Covid19 is a good example that Healthcare and Public Safety cannot be managed by budgets and debts to bankers in mind. Stop this obsolete monopoly game, the monetary system immediately and implement The Resource Based Economy before it is too late.

Money is virtual, human life is not. We have enough human potential, knowledge, technology, and resources to overcome COVID19 crisis without the need to think of economical consequences, budgets, etc.

For too long we have let the monetary system and greed take over our lives, with no thought to how it impacts us. As soon as the COVID19 pandemic will be over, we will face with huge economic and social crisis. Millions will be unemployed, what all these people will do? Do you really want a 1984 scenario?

The Resource Based Economy can bring relief and a simple solution for these hard times.

“There are no bad people, there are people with insufficient information to make appropriate decisions.” - Jacque Fresco

Take a look around you, COVID 19, the opioid crisis, the rapid increase homelessness, and extreme poverty, lack of job security, rising levels of unhappiness and mental health issues. While the cost of living goes up the pockets of the wealthy expand. People around the world are starting to wake up and realize what's happening. It is time to let our voices be heard! Now is the time to make a stand and ACT before it is too late.

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"If you took all the gold and all the wealth of this country, all of the certificates of debt and all of the land ownership, all of the diamonds and rings, and dumped it off the coast of Japan, as long as you didn't touch the American way of thinking, our technology, and our resources, we would not be impoverished at all.

America's wealth is not its gold, is not its banking institutions. These are false institutions. The entire money-structured and materialistic-oriented society is a false society.

Ten or 15 years from now, our society will go down in history as the lowest development in man. We have the brains, the know-how, the technology, and the feasibility to build an entirely new civilization."

- Jacque Fresco, 1974 Larry King Interview

How to Start?

Why is this important?

To save humanity and the world after COVID19 economical collapse.

# The Resource Based Economy Promotes The Following Benefits To Our Society:

+ Public Health & Safety

+ Green Technology.

+ Secured Jobs.

+ Clean Environment and Ecologically Clean World. 

+ Fair Economy. 

+ Strong Democracy.


Paradise or Oblivion, the choice lies with, YOU.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!