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STOP the "Mission Force Enhancement Transfer Fund" in the free spending Congress

Is Congress funding pet projects behind your back? According to CNN, they are.

Tough economic times have called for tough decisions to be made concerning our budget. Behind the scenes, the House of Represenatives have found another way to fund their pet projects. This is NOT what the American People voted them into office for. They need to put the money back.

Leave the Congressional ban on earmarks and special discretionary spending in effect and lead by example. READ MORE


Letter to
The President of the United States
As reported to the American people on CNN, this loophole to allow Congress to continue to fund their pet projects in spite of a congressional ban should not be allowed. What's done is done. Until the budget is back under control, there should be full transparency. These members of Congress who played a part in creating this mysteriously-named "Mission Force Enhancement Transfer Fund" should be made public. This is not what the American people voted for. Job creation and getting this country back on track should be their main objective.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.

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