Stop The Meters! Protect Tavistock Town Centre - Keep Parking Free.

Stop The Meters! Protect Tavistock Town Centre - Keep Parking Free.

31 January 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tavistock BID

Save our town centre from on-street parking charges! 

Devon County Council is proposing to implement on-street parking charges in the centre of Tavistock.

This possibility is the single biggest threat to the businesses of our town since the advent of out-of-town shopping, further encouraging shoppers away from the high street to supermarkets and centres which have their own free parking. It will also force people more towards online shopping.

Maintaining the status quo of 1-hour free parking is essential in order to support the ongoing vitality of the town centre. Easy, free, on-street parking is one of the reasons local people still use their high street. 

Implementation of charges for on-street parking will jeopardise the survival of many town centre businesses, who are facing very difficult trading conditions in the current economic climate. It will also be detrimental to those the town serves, making Tavistock a less-attractive proposition for their daily needs. Reports have shown that availability and convenience of parking is by far and away the most important factor when choosing where to shop and visit. 

Devon County Council says the move would:
• Encourage free movement of traffic and turnover of on street parking to benefit businesses
• Enable enforcement to be undertaken efficiently
• Encourage longer term visitors to use off street car parks
• Encourage those working in the town make more sustainable travel choices eg CarShare, Public Transport, Walking and Cycling

Tavistock BID strongly believes that the current status quo of 1-hour free on the streets in the centre of town already does all of that. 

Please sign and share this petition to keep on-street parking free and protect Tavistock town centre. 

Please also consider donating to our Crowdfunder to support the campaign and enable us to make sure the voice of the town is heard. Thank you!


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Signatures: 2,591Next Goal: 5,000
Support now