STOP the Meriwether County Rock Quarry

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A 756-acre parcel of property in Alvaton, GA (intersection of HWY 362 and 85/74) is being sought after for the construction of a rock quarry. The land is in a residential area with many historic homes. White Oak Creek, a major tributary of the majestic Flint River, flows through the property. The land is currently zoned residential, but an out of state developer has begun legal proceedings to force the county to allow unregulated hard rock mining. This change in wording to our code of ordinances opens the door to mining in all of Meriwether County.This industry poses significant health and environmental risks (air and water), damage to property, decrease in property value and increase in truck traffic.

Please share this page with friends and family who are unaware of this situation and help us protect our community.

For those who wish to directly contact the county manager and commissioners, below is a list of their contact information (a compiled list of email addresses is listed at the bottom for a quick copy ad paste):

Theron Gay, County Manager:

Alfred "Buster" McCoy, CHAIRMAN (District 3 Commissioner)​

Mary Bray, VICE-CHAIRMAN (​District 2 Commissioner)

Commissioner ​Shirley Hines (District 1 Commissioner)

Commissioner ​Bryan Threadgill (​District 4 Commissioner)

Commissioner Beth Neely-Hadley (District 5 Commissioner)

EMAIL ADDRESSES:,, ​​, ​,, ​