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First and foremost, the megaloads are not manufactured in the US, are shipped to the Inland Northwest, then transported via highways through Idaho and Montana to the Alberta Tar Sands.  The Alberta Tar Sands have destroyed the resources of the First Nations people of Canada. We cannot support or allow this injustice to continue.

Also, our land in the US is worth protecting!  Here are the top 20 reasons US Hwy 12 is worth protecting:

  1. 1. Runs through the Nez Perces' ancient homeland.
  2. 2.The Nez Perce National Historic Park is located here, including the headquarters and museum
  3. 3. Nationally designated the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway.
  4. 4. Nationally designated 1 of the nation's 27 All-American Roads.
  5. 5. Crosses and parallels for 80+ miles the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.
  6. 6. Crosses and parallels for 80+ miles the Nez Perce National Historic Trail.
  7. 7. Runs for 70+ miles beside 2 nationally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers, the Middle Fork of the Clearwater and the Lochsa, and provides access to a 3rd, the Selway River.
  8. 8. Travels beside and provides access to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, one of the nation's most cherished wilderness areas.
  9. 9. National - even international - reknown of the Lochsa River for its world-class spring whitewater.
  10. 10. Named by Motorcycle Magazine as the #1 recreational motocycle route in the nation (many curves, much beauty).
  11. 11. Comprises a segment of the nationally recognized TransAmerica Bicycle Route.
  12. 12. Bisects the old growth Bernard Devoto Cedar Grove.
  13. 13. Crosses the Pacific Coast Disjunct Area, which includes rare plants for Idaho environs.
  14. 14. Lies within yards of USFS campgrounds, dispersed campsites, USFS and Nat'l Park Service interpretive sites, beaches and picnic sites.
  15. 15. Provides access to suspension bridges and dozens of trails used by hunters, fishers and wilderness trekkers and horseback riders, including access to the Idaho Bicentennial Trail and the Lochsa River Historical Trail.
  16. 16. Provides access to the Lochsa Historical Ranger Station, the McBeth House, historical churches, Big Eddy Marina at Dworshak Reservoir, and Spalding Park.
  17. 17. Runs alongside streams providing habitat of vital importance to salmon, steelhead, eel, bass and trout fisheries.
  18. 18. Runs through the wild habitats of a myriad of birds and other wildlife.
  19. 19. Runs for miles as a narrow, winding, shoulderless roadway within feet of rivers that provide domestic water supplies for 3 towns: Kamiah, Orofino and Lewiston.
  20. 20. Provides both an access route and a destination for travelers/tourists and recreationists who spend millions of dollars annually at over 150 small businesses, Lewiston to Lolo Pass, as part of the single growing industry of the corridor communities which comprise an economically depressed region of Idaho.


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