Stop the massacre and the war in Ukraine now!! Courage and unity is the key!!

Stop the massacre and the war in Ukraine now!! Courage and unity is the key!!

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Started by Carlos Reyes

My name is Carlos Reyes and have close friends in Ukraine which are suffering this horrible war crisis. On February 23rd, my friends woke up to the city’s sirens and the sound of explosions. The bombing continued from Russian tanks and artillery hitting various parts of the city. All my friends started to contact me and tell me about this horrifying reality. As the rockets hit their home buildings, each one of my friends and their families gathered a few basic items and ran to the building’s basement or home’s cellars to hide. It took them a while to understand what was happening. 

Despite the acknowledgment of NATO nations that this move from Russia won’t be welcome and sections will follow, there hasn’t been a direct action to stop Russian military from destroying and attacking Ukrainian entire cities, homes, people, and animals. 

I can understand that all NATO nations (30) are concerned that if they assist Ukraine directly on this war to Russia, they could expect retaliation to their countries in the form of attacks as Ukraine have suffered. As some leaders may think of the maxim of utilitarianism "The greatest good for the greatest number” may be understandable, we can’t let one country get destroyed and be murdered for the safety of 30 other nations. We must act now to save Ukraine from more atrocities and horror. 

I know many nations are sending humanitarian help and also armament and supplies to Ukraine to help fight Russian military but, this is not enough. There must be ways to close the Ukrainian Air space by providing fighter jets, send attack helicopters, artillery equipment, air to air missiles and equipment to take down navy destroyers. I know sending NATO or USA troops may not be an option to avoid escalating the situation to WWIII, there is more we can do to let Ukrainian’s military fight the Russian forces more efficiently. Today on Apr 3rd, 2022, my friends contacted me and told me that they witness the bodies of many civilians’ dead on the streets of Bucha Gostomel and Irpin. The count according to the news were 20. My friends sent me the pictures of these men and possibly women laying on the floor dead, with their hands tied up and being shot on the head. These are just few examples of barbaric actions by Russian’s military and its leader. Ukrainian people share these pictures among them and cry in despair. I am shocked, my heart aches deeply and I am torn apart in pieces by these pictures.

My friends living in Ukraine now and the ones who were able to leave to other countries, have told me of the countless nights and days they thought they would die that day. Some friends were in their apartment complex when a missile hit their building. They ran downstairs with few basic items and left the building as they could. Their fear was overwhelming as they escaped to safety. Just take a moment and picture this situation happening to you now? Unless we put ourselves in this situation, we can’t feel the complete experience of what the Ukrainian people is going through. There is a Hispanic saying, “Heart that can’t see, it is heart that can’t feel”. This wise saying shows how our senses can be diminished when we are not near a person or in a particular situation physically.

I encourage Americans like me to call our senators and president to ask them to make stronger decisions to save Ukraine from more destruction and terror. Lawmakers have proposed solutions, such as financial sanctions, stop the import or oil and gas from Russia sources, send military equipment and supplies and offering Humanitarian assistance to aid Ukraine. Unfortunately, this is not enough to stop this madness.

We beg you to take the necessary steps to help Ukrainians stop this attack on Ukrainian soil now. We all have the power, decisions, and resources to stop this. Let’s do more for the people of Ukraine and for the world. We must not forget that we must save women from getting raped, burned, and killed, to keep children from being kidnaped and sold for organs or else, and to stop peaceful men from dying cold blood. Also, each Ukrainian soldier is a human being not a robot and it counts and they are brave, stoic, and faithful to their country. 

My hope is to reach 500,000 signatures in order to demonstrate the courage and strong will of the American people to help Ukraine government and its people to stop the Russian aggressor now. Please help me change President Biden’s heart and perception.

Please sign and share this petition and click here to email Biden urging him to make the necessary steps to help stop Russian’s atrocities in Ukrainian soil. We must support and help Ukraine fight the Russian’s Army and his mad aggressor.

Please help us fight with Ukrainian soldiers, its strong men, and their families. By signing this petition, we can persuade our law makers, President Biden, and White House Officials to do more than just send humanitarian help, supplies and military equipment. The USA and its people can make a bigger difference with the right decisions!!


15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!