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Stop the mass killing of strays in the Ukraine for the Football Euro 2012

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We the undersigned are calling all government representatives to influence the situation in Kharkov and the whole country of the Ukraine. Stop the mass killing of dogs and cats in general and in preparation for the UEFA European Football Championship 2012!!!

Full official statistics are hard to come by, but figures and estimates provided to The Associated Press by authorities in the Euro 2012 host cities of Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv show more than 20,000 dogs have been brutally killed (shot, poisoned or burned while still alive!!) over the past year. Animal protection groups believe the number is far higher!!
"It's a slaughterhouse," said Asya Serpinska, head of the Ukrainian Association of Animal Protection Organizations.

The Ukraine does not have any programs on stray animals number decreasing, no educating people about neutering their pets, no municipal shelter for stray animals!! All this leads to thousands of animals appearing at the streets and the absence of home pets breeding control entails increase of strays number!!

Activists in Donetsk and Kharkiv say stray dogs are also routinely killed by blowgun syringes loaded with dithylinum, a substance banned in Ukraine and the West for animal euthanasia. It paralyzes the respiratory system, so the dog dies slowly of asphyxiation, suffering for up to an hour.

"It's capture and kill," said John Ruane of Naturewatch, a British-based animal welfare group that monitors the situation in Ukraine. "It's just barbaric. !!"

These actions contradict European Animal rights Convention and any adequate humans moral principles. Besides it contradicts democratic societys principles and leaves a bloody stain on Ukraines reputation.

Please sign this Petition and share it with the world!! We need the support of all animal lovers worldwide! Let's fight against this barbarity on innocent animals!

YOU can do more: PLEASE sign as well to fight another crime against dogs! We need worldwide support:

Please send your own protest as well to:

Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine
Mister Movchan

UEFA Football Association:                                                                                              

President Viktor Yanukovych
252008 Kiev Ukraine
Vul. Bankova, 11
Tel: 380-44-226-3265
Fax: 380-44-293-1001

Foreign Office:

Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

Ministry of Education:

ministry alive. environment:

Ministers for Family and Youth:

Ministry of Justice:

Interior Ministry Luhansk region:

City of Kiev:

Football Federation of Ukraine:                                                                                      

Ukrainian Journal:


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